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Everworld's Journal
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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
10:39 pm
6:56 pm
9:17 am
The usual insanity
Chronology is important. Read the other recent posts first.

When Tanya thinks about Philosophy, it's always bad.Collapse )

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12:34 am
12:29 am

Following the Great Failure of Family FunctionalityCollapse )

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12:00 am
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
11:45 am
Into the Woods
Fox-AngstCollapse )


Rebecca and Patrick, you should still be able to meta again today if you want to--just between getting back from the mall and sometime when it's dark and rainy. Cheers! <3

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Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
10:16 pm
Extreme Makeover: Everworld Edition
Leo and Tanya go to the mall.Collapse )

That was like... the longest thing ever.
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
7:49 am
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
12:10 pm
Bathtime for Foxes
I had a thrilling encounter with shellfish yesterday, so it took me awhile to post....

Another Great Epic In Domestic LifeCollapse )

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
8:33 am
Leo Learns to Drive
Filler Arc Is A Go!Collapse )

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Monday, June 18th, 2007
5:51 pm
Tanya's backstory
Haruha and Leo, they have reasons to be crazy. Good reasons. Tanya can't imagine going through what they have, and that just makes it worse. She doesn't have bad guys she can fight, or demons she can face. She can't comfort herself with the thought of some future revenge, because there's nothing to get revenge for. She just started out crazy. Her earliest memories are of her father's company's parties; her mother always dressed her nice, told her over and over what to do and how to act. Now don't hide behind me the whole time. Say hello to people when they talk to you. Play nicely with the other children. And Tanya would look in the mirror, at her long hair up in a bow, and her dress, and her freckles, and feel like a more awkward creature had never been born. Hatched, maybe—-baby birds with their useless wings and horrifying eyes. But not born.

And then they would go to the party, and there would be so many people, and the sound, and the movement. Tanya held her mother's hand so tight, that her mother finally couldn't take it anymore, detached her with difficulty, and let her clamp onto her skirt instead. Some well-meaning person would look down at her, and ask “Well, what's your name,” or some such.

“Hello,” she would tell them from behind her mother.

And they would tease her gently, and she would cry, and her mother would apologize and take her into the hall until she calmed down. Then, back inside. And when her mother couldn't bear having such a hopeless little child at her side for any longer, or if the conversation turned to things Tanya wasn't supposed to understand, she would say, “Now go play with the other children.” And Tanya would have to go.

If she didn't end up crying, it would be because she either ran out of the room, or shut down around herself and screamed until someone took her away.

And then, then she discovered the forest, where the fear couldn't find her. School was horrible, terrifying, but at least it was always the same swirl of faces surrounding her. She survived, somehow, hiding the panic when it crept up into her. She could fight it off, usually, if she fought the people that brought it to her. Whether she won or lost, it helped, not to make the fear go away, but to hide it. Manage it. It became habit, and everyone had one more reason to hate her, though they'd had enough already.

Her parents couldn't understand how she turned out to be such an awful, unsocial little child. Her teachers couldn't do a thing with her, usually gave up trying within a few months. Her peers? Ha. She was the lowest of the low, the leper, the one no-one wanted anything to do with. It was fine by her. If they stayed away, she wasn't afraid.

But then she would see them. Smiling, happy, connected. She would see them touch, and want someone to touch her. She would see them talking, without needing to think about what they said. Always knowing how to act with each other. She wondered what that could be like, to be so happy, to not be afraid, and she wanted it more than anything. But she couldn't let herself want it, because she knew, knew as if she'd seen the book of fate and held it in her hands, that she could never have it. She was just broken; defective; missing the instincts that told her how to be a proper human being.

And then, there was Senna.
1:49 am
Drama Llamas: 6/17

Enjoy the glorious kitchen angst, everyone, please.

*Notes time, drops like a stone.*

Fights and KitchensCollapse )

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Sunday, June 17th, 2007
2:10 pm
Saturday, June 16th, 2007
11:32 pm
Names along the bottom. The twins don't have any yet, though...in order from oldest, Hiroki, Jinen, Shizukoke, the twins, Haruha, Haname, and Jun.

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10:49 pm
Pics of Haruha
...well, parts of Haruha. Still attached though, I assure you, though you can't see the rest of him. It's not my fault he hides in all my pictures. Really.

Haruha in Egypt, from a conversation concerning an Everworld RV.

(That's his nose sticking out of the water, in case it's hard to tell)

and Haruha in a bathtub, from Thursday's game (I think).

(His ears are pointing back, he's just looking down. This is vital for expression, but it's hard to tell, since, as you see, he's obscured by the bathtub.)
5:27 pm
A playlist for Nadine
So I got around to a playlist for Nadine, and managed to par it down to to 24. Considering the original list was 52, I think this is an improvement.

By the way, congratulations, the DM whined, so you guys are getting them after all. Plus a bonus song. Turns out I stop speaking tomorrow at 10:30. Later all.

Nadine'sCollapse )
Damn, that took forever.
11:44 am
Haruha's Songs!
AT LAST I have a playlist for Haru. Tracks and DL behind the cut.

Songs for FoxesCollapse )

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9:51 am
Nadine's Dream
*froth* This was the most difficult to edit ever...Well, in any case, please everyone enjoy Nadine's presence for the last time in a long time, as Elana goes off to JAPANLAND. Yo:

Conversations With The CatatonicCollapse )

OH AND NOTE: Hetawen is spelled Hetawen, according to the glorious DM's map.

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007
11:16 pm
A Study of Nadine Engel
Mr. Gardner took a particular interest in Nadine Engel the first day the two met. Unlike the other five and six year olds, Nadine Engel did not cry when her father dropped her off on his way to work. As the kindergarten teacher dutifully knelt down to look the young student in the eyes, she looked back at him and smiled brightly.

"Hi," she said, sticking her tiny hand out preemptively. "I'm Nadine. Who are you?"

"I'm Mr. Gardner. I'll be your teacher this year."

"That's nice. I wanna go help her now." Mr. Gardner followed her pointing finger to a corner of the room where a tiny girl huddled pathetically, heaving with sobs. He was too astounded to mention that it was rude to point. The little redhead confidently strode over and stuck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Nadine. What's wrong?"

"Mommy's... gone..." the little girl choked out between sobs.

"She'll be back. Don't worry, Frigg will protect us until then." Nadine then plopped down beside the anonymous girl and hugged her consolingly.

Mr. Gardner didn't stop staring until one of the parents of a new arrival rested her hand on his shoulder.

I intend to write more on the kindergarten adventures of Nadine and Mr. Gardner when I can, you know, speak/write English again. I'm sorry this isn't better. I'm kinda exhausted.
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